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The Great Sokolsky

First of all let me apologise for negelecting this blog for so long! i ahve been on uni hiatus but I have decided that my negligence stops hence forth, so on with the blog!

Today as I was checking my facebook which has become a sad reality for me, I noticed a sedires of images that the Cool Hunter had posted. These images instanty caught my attention and I was excited and some would say (aroused) by the incredible visionary of the photographer knows as Melvin Sokolsky. Sokolsky’s work alludes to the impossible, the unfathomable. His work is art.

But please don’t take my word for it. Feast on the images below and leave your comments below. Do you agree that Sokolsky was a visionary of his time?

How incredible are these images? It would seem that gravity is non-existent in the world of Sokolsky, a world in which I wish i could exist. At least we can suppress our urges by submersing ourselves within his work.


Alice in Wonderland or Dior?

As soon as I saw images from the Dior Haute Couture Autumn 2010/11 show I instantly thought of  Alice in wonderland! Well not actually Alice but the talking flowers from the garden. I mean can’t you see it? They are walking, talking flowers! I wonder if Dior took inspiration from Lewis Carroll or if I am seeing things that aren’t there? You be the judge! Can you see tulips and daisies and roses?


I mean come on! This is so obviously an Iris. Isn’t it?


Well this one is obviously a pansy! No? I love the layering and the tulle that spirals  up the bodice, simply lovely Dior.


A daffodil anyone? Look at detail of the collar. Is that not reminiscent of a daffodil? (Am I seeing things?)

Now Mr. Galliano you nearly got on me on this one…


But I am convinced it’s a water lilly floating ever so softly on a lake of tulle. Maybe?

I don’t know, maybe I am dreaming but I am pretty convinced that these designs have made an appearance in my Alice and Wonderland fantasies! How about you? All I can say is Bravo Mr. Galliano. Well done! You astound me with your never ending creative!

My Secret Love Affair…

I’m having a secret love affair. The object of my affections is out of my league (as in way, way, way above what I can afford!) and it (or they for that matter) are so divine that I am infatuated. Who or what is this great love you may ask? No it is not that delicious famous soccer stud, nope its not that handsome movie star! Guess again!!

Why its shoes of course!! I am in love with a coktail of stunning, wonderful shoes. Shoes I will never be able to afford! (oh the woes of being of being a university student.) The shoes below are just a small selection of stunners that melt my heart! I would kill for these shoes, literally… well maybe not literally. I wouldn’t want to ruin their precious soles in prison, I mean who am I kidding? I’m no Lady Gaga…I couldn’t pull off knockout heels in prison. Anyways check out a small bevy of the preciousness below:

Bonpoint anyone?

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Oooo…… Bonpoint you are soo sweet I think I have chipped a tooth! Did you ever wonder what it would be like as a child to be famous? To dress in the most dazzling of designer fashions? No? Well perhaps it is your child’s dream to dress like the reigning princess Suri Cruise or the rag a muffin but ever so delightful Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Neither you say? Well they sure as will want too when they see these ever so sweet designer duds for the mini fashion conscious!

Check out the pastel sweetness and navy swishness (is that a word?) Who cares! Because I am in love! (with who?) Why Bonpoint of course!!  Check out the gallery of deliciousness above and try not to drool to much!!

You can buy these mini delicacies at Bonpoint.

Stud Muffins

I’m not the type of girl who wears big chunky leather biker boots(or at least I never used to be) and yet I have formed an odd fascination with studded boots. And by boots I mean…I’ll go all combat on yo ass!!  Even biker boots, boots so tough that they will make my tatted up uncle cower in fright! Has the studded boot gotten hold of my soul? What is happening?

I am loving these ones…

and these…

ooo and these (in case of rain of course!)…

I think the Man Repeller would be proud! Don’t you?

The Scarlet Woman

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The Scarlet Woman or the lady in red is one who is empowered by her lust for life and love. She is bold and fierce and indestructible. She bejewls her self with the enchantments of rubies and whispering silk, she is a myth. A myth brought to life by the creator that is Elie Saab.

In the Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2010/11 Show, Elie Saab brings to life the enchantress. He uses bold reds in various shades and embellished fabrics to portray the scarlet woman within (well maybe?). Brace yourself for the fire that may consume you.

The Simple Things

hmm…. do you know what I love? I love the simple things in life. The beautiful things. I love the light that reflects from a singular shard of grass. I love the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves and the feel of sand between my toes. I love printed fabrics and delightful wallpapers. I love armchairs that hold the mysteries of the lives it has embraced before me. I love light open spaces and moulded ceilings. I love couture gowns and killer heels. I love reading under the shade of a massive tree. I love eyes as they are the window to the soul, I love smiles and teeth and luminous hair. I love photos and art. I love beautiful things. And as it would seem there is much about life that is beautiful to me. I find beauty in the most unusual places and it never continues to surprise me. These things make me happy. And I hope some of these images make you as happy as they do me. But tell me is it the simple pleasures in life that make you smile or something else entirely? Tell me what makes you happy…

Stunning Hand painted wallpaper by De Gournay.

Laduree’ Macaroons: The chichest morsels in town!

atlanta wedding photographers

So Simple yet so perfect….check out more beautiful images at: http://simplybloomphotography.com/blog/

Is there anything more graceful than a ballerina?

Such joy!!

I could post images all day but I am sure you would get bored to death of them! I just wanted you to sample a simple slice of my happiness pie. There is so much beauty to be found in even the smallest of delights! So feast upon those that deliver themselves to your very door in the most deceiving of packages!!